Sinners - Prayers for a Sinner

We all have sinned and need to accept Jesus Christ

you MUST GIVE your HEART and SOUL to the LORD

Accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour

Call Out to Jesus to save you
REPENT of your SINS, Turn Away from SIN

it's not the word below that saves you
they are just word's, you must mean business
when you ask Jesus to Save You

How to Get Saved by JESUS

Dear Friends simply REPENT of your sins

Simply say "Jesus Forgive me of my sins"


Say "Jesus Save Me"

that's how simple God made Salvation for US.
Isn't it wonderful!!

if you called on Jesus and really meant it
He is faithful to save you.

If you repented of your sins and called to God to save you
you just made a profession of Faith in Jesus. Praise God!!!

Has God Saved ME

so, you have now made a profession of Faith

Has God changed you into a new creature?

Do you have a new set of wants?

If God has changed you, Do you now hate the Sin you once loved?

If God hasn't changed you and your wants are the same and if you don't hate the sin you once loved... you are probably not saved...

It's not the words that "save you"
Repentance of your sins and Faith in Jesus
through the Blood of Jesus

that's what saves you nothing else

Repent of your Sins and place your faith in Jesus
Call out to God Until He saves you
Only you and GOD Know if you are Saved

I am saved, Now what do I do ?

1.Read your Bible everyday toget to know Jesus Christ better

2.Talk to God in prayer everyday.

3. Be Baptized, worship, felowship andserve with other Christians in a churchwhere Christ is preached and the Bibleis the final authority.

4. Tell others about Jesus Christ

You will need to be Baptized
Join a Good Bible Based Church - King James Bible Church
Read your KJV* Bible daily, KJV are the only true Bible versions

Do the Fathers will not thy will .
to build your relationship with God...
Read your King James Version bible, King James Versions are the best bible versions

Pray to God everyday talk to him

Please let us know if you made a commitment for JESUS CHRIST
have a question, comment or testimony
Contact us

To learn about the Lord JESUS CHRIST you can start out
by reading the four gospels Mark, Mathew, Luke and John

Accept Jesus and pray the Sinners Prayer
Jesus is the only way to GOD

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